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Re: Crassness and You
« Reply #30 on: February 11, 2020, 08:25:33 PM »
At a meeting at school, just three people: librarian, management woman and me.  By this point I was already pissing the management woman off because, from my perspective, I knew what I was talking about; from her perspective, I expect I was a 'clever' cunt.

Anyway, the librarian, who wasn't from the area asked, "What is Tranby?"

I laughed and he asked "What?"

"Tranby's the private school where rich parents, whose children are too thick to pass the Hymers exam, send them because they still don't want them mixing with the fucking plebs."

Cue an awkward silence due to, as you've doubtlessly realised, Tranby being the school where management woman's kids went.

I apologised for my profound lack of sensitivity and she pretended she hadn't even realised that I'd said anything.  Then she spent the next two years being a total pain in the arse until she got fired for being useless - a very rare event in education.  I didn't get sacked for being a crasshole, but maybe I should have been.


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Re: Crassness and You
« Reply #31 on: February 12, 2020, 08:15:12 AM »
Was chatting with a guy I went to school with and his mates. We all said where we'd moved to and which uni's we were attending. I go "I'm at Nottingham" and his mate goes "Trent or Uni Of?" and I scoff and say "the proper one". Much surprise, she went to Trent. I apologised and she didn't seem too fussed, but I still feel ashamed for bad-mouthing a uni I knew nothing about based on some second-hand jokes about the place.

My mum did an absolute belter years ago. She dropped us off at primary school one Friday morning and saw a group of other mums huddled together in various stages of upset. She asked what was wrong.

"[Name]'s husband, [Other Name]'s dad, just died last night."

Mum's a bit shocked, doesn't know how to respond, so she says:

"Oh, well that's no way to start your weekend is it?"

Absolutely mortified herself and didn't do the school run herself for a long fuckin' while after that!