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Re: low effort H.S. Art thread
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Fawlty Towers - Bat Soup.

'The Japanese hyere in the hotel Fawlty'.

'No, no Major, they're Chinese, put down the gun'.


'Not you Manuel you keep your gun aimed at the Major?'


'At the Major! Point your gun at the fucking Major. Seriously Manuel, did Franco teach you nothing? Here, give it to me!'


'Yes, Sybil, can't you see I'm trying to diffuse a hostage situation here? What on earth could be so important? Have you had a neck extension perhaps? Or a bronze tan that can stun you at thirty yards? I mean what's the matter Sybil - Here hold this Polly'.

'But Mr Fawlty, Mrs Miggins in Room 7...'

'I don't care about Mrs Miggins, I care about coming out of this unscathed, now either you grab the gun or I give it to Manuel'.

'Fine give it to Manuel'.

(Basil runs into the office with Sybil).

'Mr Fawlty, Mr Fawlty, My name is Mrs Miggins from room 7 - My room is on fire and I caught your monkey waiter wanking in my wardrobe, I ask you, what are you going to do about it?'

(Basil pops his head round).

'Kill them all Major. Kill them all'.

(new page: Flowery Twats).

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Re: low effort H.S. Art thread
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Coronavirus, except instead of killing people, it turns people into clowns, like that episode of " The Goodies".
( *that's* how you do low effort H S Art; that Fawlty Towers one is too High Effort [and funny])