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I think I would have watched that back in the day. It's excellently done.

5m 05s genuine LOL there.

It is indeed, I think an extract of the Tom Savini stuff is in the film proper.

There is also an apocalpytic log of the gun store owner's descent into madness and eventual death. Again, quite well done. DVDs spoilt us a bit to be fair.


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Recent events have got me hankering to re-watch The Crazies.
I bloody love zombies of the strict, flesh-eating kind but I think this might be Romero's best film for my tastes, and does share many of the same tropes. There's something immediately bleak about The Crazies, with little room to live out a apocalyptic zombie fantasy ala Day of the Dead, as grim and doom-laden as that film is.

Romero really excelled at the naturalistic, 'organised chaos' to set the atmosphere and show events and characters peripheral to the main plot; those scenes with bands of country folk and army/national guardsmen out zombie hunting near the start of Dawn for example. The Crazies has that in spades, but it all seems less fun than wearing lots of plaid and taking potshots at the undead does.

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The Crazies sets such a good tone, been over a decade since I've seen it.