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The red turtle
« on: March 12, 2020, 03:04:32 PM »
Only just got round to watching this last night. It is beautiful. I've firmly added it to my collection of films to watch late at night in bed. It is quiet, meditative, contemplating, gentle, pleasant and beautiful. The animation is easy on the eyes and it is a bittersweet portrait of life, birth and death. After Chomet's Illusionist, this is another stunning animation film. Can anyone recommend anything similar?

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Agreed, it's lovely.
Have you seen Le quattro volte? It's the only film that springs to mind that matches it in some sense.
A very simple, meditative film about life, death and the seasons, from the point of view of a man, a goat, some trees, and ending with a furnace / kiln / fire.
I saw it many years ago but it's always stuck with me.

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Re: The red turtle
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Yes, it is good fillum.  It is good fillum!

I'd say most countries have this strange artistic half-life when it comes to their animations in which their personalities really shine, and the French are no different.  The director of The Red Turtle may be Dutch, but it had to be a French production (*checks* it was).  The first few minutes of this are subtitle-less, if that bothers you, but it's another quiet and lyrical film well worth watching: Gwen, the Book of Sand.

Re: The red turtle
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Saw this in a cinema, possibly stoned out my gourd. Would recommend.


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Re: The red turtle
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Thanks for those recommendations. I'll look into them later!


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Re: The red turtle
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Re: The red turtle
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We could do a thread on silent films. Been meaning to watch Plemya (The Tribe), it's a completely dialogue-less film set in a Ukrainian deaf school where they all sign at each other.