Author Topic: What're you watching/listening to while working from home? (recommendations pls)  (Read 1191 times)

I guess this is the closest to a correct forum for this one. Been struggling to find the right level of engaging for things to put on so was wondering what other people are doing.

So far I've watched a few Limmy streams and a few speed runs of old RPGs I played as a kid. Oddly could imagine being able to sit through some Frederick Wiseman documentaries in this mood, it's mostly just about having something really fucking long and easy to follow so I dont have to think about what to put on or worry about getting lost.
Any streamer people worth going with? Maybe time to start going through some Viper streams or summat.


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Maybe time to start going through some Viper streams or summat.

yeah the Shlug Eireann ones might be good for this

dr beat

Chart. Music. Podcast.


On Netflix:

Call Me By Your Name - very good fillum, nicely reminiscent of old-school Euro arty pictures. Really impressive acting from Timothee Chalamet. 4.5 bags.

Wormwood - Errol Morris docuseries about the apparent suicide of a scientist working for the CIA and his son's subseqent obsessive quest to find out what really happened. Also somewhat old-school in that it's unflashy and somewhat languidly paced. The son makes for an interesting character study in himself. Some rather heavy-handed attempts at drawing parallels with Hamlet aside, it's a decent watch. Not riveting, but certainly diverting.


I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - Mozzassey. Gave this a spin more out of curiosity than anything else. Couple of decent tracks, but for the most part pretty average, verging on odd. Don't like his band at all, and the arrangements are a bit overdone/kitsch. No particular inclination to listen again.

I've been watching lots of old sport on YouTube.
Not neccessarily famous stuff, but things in their entirety that I don't know the outcome of.
Plenty of boxing* and USFL matches.

*Foreman v Lyle from 1975 is a cracker