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Computer speakers thread
« on: March 18, 2020, 11:10:47 PM »
So what would be good to get for an apartment that's ideally under £100, I'm usually a headphones person but finally living alone and developing weird skin issues in my ears makes that less and less of an option. Currently the only speakers I have are the ones built into my laptop and my projector, which means I can't even hear my PS3 without headphones and the Wii U's audio out is the controller.

I was considering one of these portable guys purely so I'd be able to carry it around the apartment with me without having to blast the volume but I can imagine constantly pairing it becoming a pain. I probably need a portable player for that reason regardless but I'd rather get a super cheap one if it wasn't my main speaker.

These have mixed reviews but most the negative ones are about the price on release, which no longer seems to be an issue (see them going for as little as 35 used on sites) and all in all sound like a pretty good deal. Bit concerned they'd be way too fucking loud for a small studio apartment with thin walls though.

Was strongly considering a Sonos Beam but I gather you've to directly connect the audio in so it's a pain to work with a laptop and would be pretty limited for my usages.

So yeah, what do you have? Do you like it? What would you recommend? Is using a portable bluetooth speaker as my main speaker under my monitor a really really bad idea? If I get something with a subwoofer is there much novelty in putting it on my bed and listening to music while going to bed?