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Actually Gemma
« on: March 21, 2020, 01:53:11 AM »
Gemma's mate 1: I think it's nice that we've all come out tonight, I mean it's a bit busy and it took flipping aaaages to get served at the bar, but it's nice isn't it? I can't get too drunk though I've got an elderly care home to run. You know what they're like. Wooooooooh!

Gemma's mate 2: *hyaaaarghgoughghgok*

Gemma's mate 1: Hahaha OMG you might actually have THE Coronovirax!

Gemma's mate 2: Haha no. It's just a bit of a dry cough. I had a fever last week and today, but I'm ok. Just going to go back to th'ospital tomorrow and specifically told that I need to wash muh hands before do open lung surgery. We've ran out of masks.

Gemma's mate 1: Aaaaaw bebz. *kisses*

Gemma's mate 2: Seflies???!!!

Gemma: Actually it's not a selfie if there's more than person.