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Joe Frank 'Lies', pre-Blue Jam
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Have you done a Chris Morris/Joe Frank discussion on here before?
I just heard this 11 minute radio monologue by Frank from 1982, and I was surprised just how Blue Jammy it was- the Brian Eno esque loop in the background, the slow pace of the narrator, the timbre of his voice, the way the vocabulary darts sometimes into eloquent verbosity but sometimes into babyishness, the way dark topics get introduced then moved swiftly away from, thesurreal touches that keep undermining the believability of the story, that make the story itself feel more like a deliberate wind-up than a straightfoward literary piece:


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Re: Joe Frank 'Lies', pre-Blue Jam
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I am a big fan of Joe Frank. his radio shows can be quite varied but it is mostly long monologues over ambient loops, sometimes absurd or more narrative oriented, sometimes more 'philosophical'. some episodes have underlying themes.

you can buy his shows on his site (but it's quite expensive) and there are also torrents of his entire output.

(btw "Lies" was the inspiration for Scorsese's After Hours)

there's a useful wiki too