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Re: Down The Line Lockdown Special
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Thanks for recommending this, I hadn't heard it before. Grabbed them all on a torrent and I'm working my way through.
I love how fast moving it is. It'd be just as good with longer calls but it really works having the regulars, you building up a bigger picture of them over the course of the series and the odd hit and run one offs.
Great to hear Whitehouses fat lad character again. He felt so real and I'd missed him since "help" was sadly cut short. Am I confusing that with something else? Was that character in that?


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Re: Down The Line Lockdown Special
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Listened again and the best thing really is Thomas' delivery of stay safe. That beat before the line is delivered and the mechanical yet confused sounding delivery. It is really really good performance of someone copying something out of a sense of obligation but not quite understanding why.