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Right, first Apex game of the day, with these two micless ransoms who are a bit hesitant. My headset broke last week so I'm just wearing headphones with no mic, but I reluctantly take lead anyway as they just keep hovering about.

Towards the end, they wander off towards a fight while I'm up in the unlooted drop ship, pinging for one of them to come up and get a L2 shield, as he's still on L1. They get downed just as I race to them, the circle is coming in fast behind us and it hurts bad at this point in the game.

I take down the remaining opposition, grab one of their banners and run like fuck to safety, barely surviving. Nowhere to respawn the banner I grabbed but ok; the other player decides to quit. Two other teams left, he has no faith I can pull it off. I'm undergeared and almost out of ammo. He's probably right, but never give up.

So I heal up and start making VERY risky dips back into the circle to loot the enemy Caustic I downed, healing up each time I come back out. Manage to upgrade to a L3 shield, get some heavy ammo, and a few shield cells.

Then it's time to move. The other two teams fight in the distance, one goes down, it's just me and them left. I get to the circle early and take cover. I listen reeaaally hard and look up and around me to my right, trying to judge if they're gonna perhaps come from above via a zipline. Luckily, my positioning is good, and they come right in my path.

Caustics ultimate is an AOE gas cloud and is very slow to prime, so I have it ready to go already. It's an open space so I'm not playing to my characters strengths - he's mostly about trapping up and using buildings - and I didn't have enough time or charge to put down many gas traps anyway!

First guy appears, I ult him and drop him like a sack of shit. Then the second. Then the third gets me down to one hit, but... falls off the ledge? Possibly out of ammo anyway, but it shows the importance of high ground. He had gold armour too, so could have healed up much quicker than me, but he pushes immediately while I manage to get off a shield battery, and I clutch the win.

It likely doesn't look that impressive, but I'm not brilliant at the mechanical stuff as I'm such a clumsy fecker, and I can find it hard to track targets at times. The other thing is that my heart was FUCKING POUNDING! I've clutched wins before, here's an example from this week:!AvjuuSn-Hz6vgRsRh_Ogas3ftV_n however, that was a rare game where I managed to be fully in the moment, for the most part, and wasn't distracted by some silly detail or whatever. I also had no sense of nerves at all because of this; I had no idea that game was so far on and that I was actually playing for the win.

This squad wipe today though, wooo, I deffo knew, and my heart was absolutely racing as I went in to the final fight. I screamed when I did it and Jelly stared at me for like ten minutes afterwards because he could clearly tell my adrenalin was sky high :-D

And to cap it off, because I was the champion from the last game I had, and took kill leader with the final kill, this got me the Double Duty badge I've lusted after for AGES! I've won and been kill leader before (which gets you the Apex Predator badge) but you have to be the existing champion and win with kill leader in order to get Double Duty.

Anyway yeah, very little interest on Apex on here but I had to get that all down. Would love to hear or see examples of you clutching it for sure, if you wanna share.


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I can still remember playing a game of Control in the first Destiny, we were just behind and coming to the end of the game, I popped my super and took out 5 of the opposing 6 enemy team members and we ended up winning. I would have killed 6 but I got so excited that I managed to take out 5 of them that I fucked up with the last guy and he got me, mainly because I was literally jumping out of my chair at the time. I don't know why, when I get excited like that when gaming, it's like the console is pulling me in and I start pushing my controller out away from me until I end up standing, holding the controller at arms length and wondering why I died.


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I know there's this lock-down and pandemic thing on, but I can't distinguish the OP's post between some of the things that go on in HS Art.