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Re: How seriously do you take gaming?
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I used to play a racing game called Live for Speed alot. When the esl launched a uk championship for it I used to do loads of practicing for each event.

Races in the championship tended to be about 1h, so once I had found a setup I liked I would set up a single-player race of the same distance on that car/track to see how the tyres held up. If I got to the end of one of these single player practice races and there was still plenty of tyre life left, I would do it again using lower tyre pressures or more negative camber.

I won the second season, but after that I stopped playing the game for a couple of years because it was no longer 'fun' to me.

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Re: How seriously do you take gaming?
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I must get around to trying Live for Speed sometime, I understand it stands up very well to newer sims.

Re: How seriously do you take gaming?
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Unfortunately the online scene for LFS is pretty much dead now, all the cool kids have moved on to newer sims like iRacing. When it came out in the early mid 00's it was great, mostly because of the net code. It was the first racing game I had tried with decent client/dedicated server network code, so as long as you had some kind of broadband connection you could play against people from all over europe and north america with no issues. The physics engine is still very good, the way the cars behave and respond to setup changes is quite realistic I think.

The main things that let it down are the tyre model which is quite basic (optimum slip-angle is quite high compared to real life I think).
It doesn't look visually as good as more modern sims (although that means you can run it on older hardware no probs).
Also the engine sounds are fully synthesised n doesn't use samples so is quite poor (imo).

The demo is free to play if you want to try it out. Unfortunately I forgot to back up my LFS directory last time I formatted so have lost all my good setups, but there is a section on the main website where people have uploaded alot of sets if you want to try 'em: