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Luckily I wasn't subjected to an overbearing parent trying to foist their musical taste on me. My dad was a fan of big band jazz, mum seemed to always have the radio on, she didn't really have a taste in music.

Most of my musical education came from hearing stuff my older brother was playing when we shared a bedroom. So I was subjected to mostly Roxy Music, Bowie, Elton John, a few American acoustic troubadours and 70s English folk. He later into punk and new wave, for which I was grateful.

I've tried to repay the favour over the years but the only thing I managed to get him interested in was Signals by Rush. He's weirdly resistant to having bands suggested to him, even ones that I know would be right up his street. Now he listens to insipid shit that sounds like whalesong sampled by bedwetting Swedish synth noodlers.

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Re: Dad Rockers
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Just want to point out that even if you’ve posted in here saying you don’t care what your kids do/might listen to but have still half-jokingly inserted the name of an artist or band you like into your post then that’s just as bad. That’s where snobbery starts, by having a chuckle at it. You will become the thing you hate.

That said, if I ever have kids and they don’t appreciate the importance of Jello Biafra then I will disown them.