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It's not about you getting the virus you utter utter utter utter utter cunt.

Yup. Also this bit:

‘because the transport police will get on and fine you a thousand pounds. But you don’t have to put it on if you’re eating.’ So I was saying: Oh right, this killer virus that’s sweeping through the train is gonna come and attack me, but see me having a sandwich and go, leave him, he’s having his lunch?

Of course the virus isn't not going to attach itself to you if you're eating - you're still stuffed - but by wearing the mask at least it's minimising the amount of time you are exposed to the virus when you're not eating, you disingenuous, self-satisfied pillock. It's not an all-or-nothing scenario.

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Is he still putting out music? If so, there needs to be a boycott. He is putting lives at risk.

To be fair though, he is encouraging extreme social distancing by being such an obnoxious twat that nobody is going to want to get close to him.

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I realise that masks in shops have only been mandatory since yesterday in Wales, but I popped down to the Tesco at the end of my street in Cardiff a couple of hours ago, and out of about ten customers in there, only myself and one other person were wearing masks, and there wasn’t anything in the way of social distancing going on. A pissed-up, rough-looking couple, some well-off looking studenty types, one of the posh cunts who live round here with the Audi parked up on the footpath outside - all of them just ignoring the signs plastered at the entrance and throughout the shop. I don’t blame the staff for not enforcing it - they’re on shitty wages and it’s not worth the hassle or risk of assault for them - but fuck me, it’s just rendered me deeply depressed.

People really just don’t give a fuck, do they? Apologies - I’m half pissed myself now, which hasn’t helped my mood, and this seemed as good a place to howl into the void as any.

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Fully behind this,  I will continue to not buy Noel Gallagher's music. The covers album sounds terrible and i presume was mentioned in the Guardian article to make him appear ridiculous.

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Hoping Shaun Rider and Bernard Sumner are actually expert epidemiologists at this point.


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Shaun Ryder being the sensible one would be pretty funny.

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Noel Gallagher is a twat.

Champagne Superspreader.

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Noel Gallagher is a twat.

I know. I was shocked too.

Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock 'n' roll band...

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The last time he was on Matt Morgan's podcast, Noel Gallagher said he didn't know what spunk smelt like. He's a liar.

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You're just praying that gun goes off and and severs an artery aren't you?

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I see the boy from the McCain's Oven Chips advert has written a Noel diss-jam off the back of the mask comments

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Plenty of compliance where I live.

I have thirty masks now.


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One of my pals back in the USA works at Kohls, a sort of all-around, inexpensive department store. Their policy is no mask, no service. She works on the returns desk.

She tells me that yesterday, some woman rocked up with a trolley filled to the brim with purchases she bought from Kohls online during a covid/lockdown shopping frenzy. A pain in the arse, but what was remarkable was, according to my pal, the woman was wearing a floor length black raincoat. In place of a mask, she was holding her elbow up across her face like your man in Ed Wood who's trying to hide the fact that he's not Bela Lugosi.

Without a word my friend pushed across the counter the box of disposable masks they keep for such customers.


Out doing my weekly shop today, hitting up the local Waitrose (which is as mentioned, the closest shop anyway). A LOT more people there than usual all of a sudden -- this was around 11am, and the place was packed. Lots of old people (as that's the demographic here -- in fact on the drive over, I nearly hit some old bat riding a mobility scooter down the middle of the road ona blind hill -- not an uncommon sight around here) and mums with their pals and a lot of young children. Absolute madhouse.

Most people were masked or had face shields, and most people seriously did not give a fuck about social distancing. I had more (mainly) women shove past me, brush past me, reach across me than even in the pre-covid touchy feely times.

Pet peeves in full force: people blocking items as they stared at the cat food as if it were an amazing exhibition of rare treasure at the Louvre, mesmerised. The people who have to pick up and peer at every, single box of grapes or feel all of the apples in the bin. I waited ages for some guy to pick up and carefully examine all of the boxes of grapes. He gave me a couple of dirty looks as I stood politely to one side waiting for him to find the box that contained the rare, gold nugget. Mr Attila has got into the habit of pointing out to such people, 'You missed one - you didn't touch that one there' but I save my battles for other supermarketly events. Like the guy who tried to jump the queue at the till, even though he made eye contact with me as I waited for the person ahead of me to move up so that I could unpack my basket.

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That sound so shit. I'm just insanely glad Waitrose makes customers wear masks.

If I had to use my local Sainsbos, where even the staff don't wear masks, let alone the customers, I would be committing violent murder on a fortnightly basis. Shower of selfish bastards.

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No staff wearing masks in my local Morrisons.


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I think I've said a dozen times, but I work large-scale retail, and I'm now trying to move purely to night shifts so I can get away from customers during all this. I'm immunocompromised as it is so I don't want even further risk.

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I thank dawg I got on the vulnerable register and don't have to go into any of these shops.