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« on: July 24, 2020, 01:05:59 AM »
In the mid-90s ITV used to do what can be best be described as a 'post-pub' strand of cheap imported sitcoms, which included that one featuring her off of Cheers going to college and her lecturer being Malcolm MacDowell.

This was another one that would play at about 2AM as part of that block.  The set-up seems awfully familiar to something that was later written by a forum hero.

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Re: Dweebs
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I'm pretty sure I saw that block too, which is second in my memories only to the Saturday lunchtime super-vehicle block (Airwolf, Street Hawk, and Thunder In Paradise). Don't remember Dweebs that well, but I do remember "Veronica's Closet" and "Step By Step", good old gentle US sitcoms.

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Re: Dweebs
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" Herman's Head", classic of the genre.

Good ensemble cast on " Dweebs",giving Stephen Tobleronesky some steady work. And Corey Feldman as Vic.


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Re: Dweebs
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Just Shoot Me, Suddenly Susan, Caroline in the City etc etc... low-stakes citycoms that would never make it to Seinfeld or Frasier heights, but who cares.

Speaking of the latter, anyone remember The Powers That Be? Old bloke out of Dynasty called Senator Powers (geddit?) but more notably featuring Niles out of Frasier, playing pretty much the same character, a year before he went big.

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Re: Dweebs
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I think of " Suddenly Susan" as a Channel 4 Lunchtime sitcom.

What about those sit com's what started out as hailed by Channel 4 as a top fucking brilliant American comedy series, given top Friday Night Primetime Status, only to be shunted away to a less popular day and time on the schedule when popularity waned? I remember the final episode of the final series of " Will and Grace" being broadcast at a time little short of Midnight on a Tuesday night, or something. I remember feeling very sad as the continuity announcer half- heartedly gave it the " all good things must come to an end" announcement :(