Author Topic: Florida parts of Republican National Convention cancelled  (Read 180 times)

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Florida parts of Republican National Convention cancelled
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:56:35 AM »
It's been amusing to see Trump supporters on Twitter try to spin this as Trump being forced into doing this "by the libs", with one claiming "Trump is always 10 steps ahead" (can't imagine Trump adhering to social distancing rules that strictly) and another saying Trump "plays chess, not checkers" (I doubt he plays either).

Hardly surprising and it would have been smarter to have moved the convention online. I don't know what the Republicans thought would change about coronavirus cases in the past few weeks given how long it's taken to decide this. Jacksonville police being able to provide security for the convention probably influenced this decision.

The North Carolina parts of the convention will still go ahead in person at present.

Trump said the party was still deciding how to conduct some form of the Aug. 24-27 event.

"We'll have a very nice something. We'll figure it out. It'll be online in some form. Maybe it'll be something even a little bit different. We have time," he said.

They haven't updated the official convention website yet to reflect the cancellation of the Jacksonville parts of the convention. They have even got a new logo, an angry elephant with five stars on its back.

Trump hasn't tweeted about the cancellation although he has retweeted a tweet he made 14 hours saying he will be interviewed on Fox News.