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Perry Mason (HBO series)
« on: July 27, 2020, 12:22:14 PM »
I couldn't see a thread about this – is anyone else watching it? It's very very good, imo. I loved Matthew Rhys in the Americans and he's doing an equally good job here. It's dark, it's LA Noire-ish, it's got some very funny moments (the scenes with the morgue attendant in particular). It's already been renewed for season 2.


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Re: Perry Mason (HBO series)
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I'm watching (and recapping it for TV Insider). It's very solid. It doesn't really break any new ground or blow me away, but what it does, it does well. It looks gorgeous, the acting is stellar, nails the film noir style, and like OP says, there is some nice humour to it so it isn't completely dour gritty modern drama.

Re: Perry Mason (HBO series)
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Something I learned today - the LA restaurants featured in the show are places that have been open from the 30s until today.

Re: Perry Mason (HBO series)
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It looks great and I've been generally enjoying it but I can't help feeling that at it's heart it's just a rather commonplace detective procedural that's had an awful lot of money spent on glamming it up.

Re: Perry Mason (HBO series)
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True, and like Ja'moke says it's not doing much new - it's just doing it well. There are several themes being explored which elevates it a bit above a commonplace procedural for me. The role of the women in the story and in society, what it means to be a father (Perry, EB, Baggerly), the black cop and his family's place in society (which obviously resonates with current events), and the more explicitly stated "there's what's legal, and there's what's right".

I'm on episode 5 and haven't really figured where Tatiana Maslany's character is headed in the story. She's incredibly watchable though.

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Re: Perry Mason (HBO series)
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Why could this have not happened long enough ago that HBO could have showed us Raymond Burr's tits?