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Re: Massive BEARD and job interview
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I had a beard when I had the interview for the job that took up most of my lifetime. I got the job, and then shaved for some reason, just for a change I think. But then my boss told me, that the leader of the three person interviewing board was one of those totally anti-beard types, and so I should consider myself lucky to have got the job.
This immediately pissed me off. I had passed the interview and the questions asked, on merit, not because I had failed to shave or otherwise. But there it is, suppose his prjudice had been on colour/religion/other grounds, then he would have been on thin ice; but a prejudice against facial hair, nah, he was okay. Good job the other two interviewers took my answers and attitude aboard, and ignored the whiskers!

Re: Massive BEARD and job interview
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I reckon it was mistake to shave your pubes, unless you are hoping to seal the deal by whacking out an enormous cleanly shaved todger during the interview.

There's no enormous todger here pal. I could possibly recreate the scene in Jam with the doctor though.

I wanted a trim really. I think with the attention of a barber it would have looked tidy enough. But part of the issue was that as hairs were falling out they were looking very pubic.


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Re: What would Jesus do?
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I think you'll find that many civil servants are inured to pubic hair.

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Sounds like a dated innuendo, of the sort that might be made by this type
a Director General who would send women home immediately for wearing trousers

I'm not even lying about it.  The Sugar-licker also sent me a pair of strange automatic-seeming drawings he'd done on some dirty brown paper.  One, of a wobbly circle (titled - Full Moon) and the other, a two-line orange segment (titled - Gibbous Moon), with no explanation or reason whatsoever.

Re: Massive BEARD and job interview
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Unrelated to beards, but to weird daubings, I used to work on warehouses as a younger man, and was in one with a group of mates across the various departments.

One mate had a note left on his station in a vaguely clandestine fashion by a guy that was a bit odd, but also struggled with the English language. It said IVE MEGAN BABY on a scrap of paper and we spent a long time speculating whether it was just a boast of a nice Renault M├ęgane, or something more sinister.


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Re: Massive BEARD and job interview
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I've started looking for other jobs recently, and I ain't shaving my beard off for no one, particularly as I keep it neat anyway. I'd maybe consider trimming it back a bit if asked nicely. My current employer doesn't seem to care, but my manager has a full beard himself.

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Re: Massive BEARD and job interview
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I think I've had a trimmed beard at my last two successful interviews. Let them get more unkempt afterwards.