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The SAGE SPI-B behavioural science committee yesterday published a report warning about possible widespread public disorder this summer:

The threats currently facing the UK are diverse, inter-connected and dynamic.
●   Public health will be particularly adversely affected by spontaneous public assemblies, particularly if these develop into violent confrontation.
●   Local lockdown carries with it a series of threats to social cohesion and public order.
●   Some media narratives are reinforcing claims that Asian and Black people in areas of local lockdown are potentially responsible for disproportionately spreading the virus.
●   There has been a step-change in threat levels since the last sustained period of serious rioting in the UK in 2011.
●   The police are in a far weaker position in terms of capacity to deal with these threats than in 2011 and police weaknesses, when recognised, were a factor in the spread of urban disorder during those riots.
●   If upstream intervention is not taken, amplification of the conditions for serious public disorder in multiple locations is likely to develop.
●   If  serious  disorder  does  develop, it will have a detrimental impact on public health, facilitating the spread of disease, making the re-imposition of measures to control the spread of COVID-19 next to  impossible and would be likely to require military support.
●   Policing has a vital role to play in preventing disorder but coordinated action is needed across  Whitehall and with local authorities. This is not simply a policing issue.

Some of the things it mentions as possible drivers have already passed while others seem improbable - anti-HS2 protests as a trigger for major widespread confrontations? Still interesting though to see how they view the world.


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Fake news.

"I predict a riot"


"because we don't trust the public, the plebs"


"we are terrified of the people we are supposed to serve and know full well we have caused their deprivation and anxiety. We also want to have more power"


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There's bound to be a bit of trouble, but that doesn't mean widespread national lawlessness. Trying to shut down parties is always a risk, and there's lots more illegal gatherings happening due to the absence of legal ones. But being drunk limits the amount of serious rioting and looting you can do.

Also, the police did fuck all in 2011, so I don't know what they're worried about having fewer resources.

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But what is worse, the riot or the counter riot, or the counter-counter riot, or the riot to restore sanity, or the avalanche of riot thinkpieces?