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Multiple Versions (Advice Please)
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I'm probably a dick but I never realised that 'Behind the Mask' by Yellow Magic Orchestra was gutted by Micheal Jackson for a 'Thriller' off cut that never made the album.

Then there's these (and others obvs)

Beta Band:

Lupie Fiasco:

I seek advice for a doomed mix tape project.

Many Thanks Team xx

PS: In short I've decided that my life won't be complete until I undertake a full album of sub-KLF mash ups and bullshit and then get it printed on limited edition coloured vinyl for funky Christmas presents and what not. 'BURNING LUNG' 'BRITISH JERK OFF INTSRUCTIONS'  is the name I've chosen for the project. I've budgeted a grand. Sage advice gets ya' a copy.
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Re: Multiple Versions (Advice Please)
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You missed the Greg Phillinganes version (he was the keyboard player on Jackson's version):
12" extended version:
Greg Phillinganes, Jackson's keyboard player, included a version of Jackson's cover on his Pulse album in 1985 and released it as a single, but it wasn't a hit.  Phillinganes was hired as a session keyboard player on Clapton's 1986 album August, (produced by Phil Collins) and he played his cover to Clapton during the sessions .  Clapton liked it and decided to record a version, with Phillinganes on keyboards and Collins on drums & backing vocals (along with Katie Kissoon & Tessa Niles). Despite only rewriting some of Mosdell's lyrics, Jackson got 50% of the royalties on this cover.

Ryuichi Sakamoto's' original instrumental jingle that the song was based on, written for a Seiko watch advert:
Ryuichi Sakamoto solo version (used on his 1987 Neo Geo tour, and recorded with his tour band including Bernard Fowler on vocals):
Human League:
Senor Coconut:
Super extended Ricardo Villalobos remix:
Hatsune Miku Orchestra:

Remixes: - 1986 remix issued as part of the  the YMO Mega Mix 12" maxi single :
Orbital remix/reconstruction from the 1992 Hi-Tech/No Crime YMO remixes album:
FPM's Sweet Soul Bossa Nova remix from the 1999 Technopolis YMO remixes album:
There was also the Goodbye Mr S3000 remix from the 2000 Technopolis remixes album, but I can't find an online version of that.

On the sampling front, GLC's Your Mother's Got A Penis:
Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero - Mauvais Genre:
Nanoshrine - Who Do You Love (this is really badly produced IMO - brickwalled and compressed to fuck):
Oriental Magnetic Fellow - Beyond The Muscle (this was from an album of pitch-bent 'covers' of YMO tracks):

Re: Multiple Versions (Advice Please)
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Amazing stuff as always Buzby. That Human League version is excellent. Cheers.

Re: Multiple Versions (Advice Please)
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Has the original recording of the Michael Jackson version ever leaked out?  The version which was released on his posthumous album is horrible with its already-dated-sounding intro added at the beginning, and all those overdubbed "ee-heee!"s.  I would assume it shared a very similar arrangement to Phillinganes' cover.