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Wimblewrong Doubles 2020: A Touch of Ploff v PolyTrouser

Started by Spoon of Ploff, October 08, 2020, 10:13:06 AM

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Rue, primarily for Starm Wars.

Have to give touchingcloth a special mention though, "Educating, Educating, Educating Rita" caught me on the chuckling sweet spot.

Narrow edge to PolyTrouser for "...and not starring Rebecca Long Bailey"

Johnny Yesno


The Mollusk

AToP please. I really liked that ludicrously OTT second shot.

Wonderful Butternut

Going to go PolyTrouser because the Western world is going so far down the toilet that the last shot is a thing that might actually happen one day.


Dr PolyTrouser has won a close contest here 8-6. Well done all for a cracking first round.