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Trump loses heavily in the election but refuses to concede. Pardons the Unabomber and everyone in the Aryan Brotherhood. Biden is inaugurated but Trump and hundreds of supporters are still in the White House refusing to leave. Its decided to let them have at it as government business takes place elsewhere. 'Hold The White House' movement fizzles out after a few weeks when it becomes apparent that Trump expects everyone to stay there while he leaves to play golf, and his supporters receive exorbitant bills for room and board.

Trump spins out courtcases for all the financial skullduggery he's been up to and escapes justice in a hearse a few days after announcing his run for 2024 with his daughter as VP. His children eventually go to jail for his crimes. UFC fighters form a political party after his death and win 25% of the vote- signature policies include pledges to 'Make America Tough Again', to put unemployment 'in a choke-hold', and to 'build a cage' around America.

Laurence Fox appears on Question Time in Septmeber 2021 shirtless with dozens of poppies pinned into his torso. He wins a by-election but realises during the campaign that his supporters and financial backers expect him to repeat the poppy stunt in public appearances. He appears in the House of Commons with a union jack sewn into his chest and dies of Tetanus 2 days after his maiden speech. His estate is sued by several 'Top Fox' and 'Sly Like a Fox' members who find themselves locked into a subscription for life. A settlement is reached by holding the anual dinner with his embalmed corpse and organising a monthly seance for 'exclusive access to his thoughts about things'.

Boris Johnson's public profile means he increasingly finds himself in a sexual funk, being forced to sleep with only one woman for the first time in his life. He becomes increasingly frenzied over time and ends up grunting and rubbing himself during his speech at the 2022 party conference.

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There is no chance Neil is Paulie. Literally zero. The idea is genuinely idiotic. If Neil's not about, im sure he has his reasons, and i'm sure he won't appreciate coming back to that kind of bollocks.