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when he took a shit like


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Sci-fi.  Some sort of alien threat is detected and all the countries who have nuclear weapons have to shoot them at the aliens who are in space somewhere.  This makes everyone come together and forget past differences because of the greater threat.  Afterwards it's suggested maybe there never were any aliens and it was just a ploy to get rid of all the nukes.  Can't remember if it was a movie or tv show, might even have been a book I suppose.


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That's more or less the main plot of Watchmen (the comic, anyway).


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Definitely rings a bell. In fact that reminds me of something thematically similar (but which definitely isn’t this) which I must ask about in the hard to find movies thread…

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Here's an odd one...does anyone remember a one-off documentary on Channel 4 which was supposedly following author/screenwriter Alex Garland around, interviewing people in the street asking what they know about him and so on. This would've been around 99/00 when he'd only published two novels and had yet to crossover into films.

At some point through the big twist is revealed that that the guy isn't Alex Garland at all, and the whole thing was some kind-of bizarre meta-hoax. It was all very strange and conceptual but I can't find any reference to it online, it seems to've fallen through a memory hole just like "Diana: The Opera".

Edit: Spoke too soon, I've found out what this was. It was "Alex & I" from 2001. Just glad I didn't completely make it up, to be honest.

Created and directed by Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson for Channel 4 in 2001, this spoof documentary appears to follow the novelist Alex Garland to New York, where he attempts to publish a book under a pseudonym. Things are not as they seem, however.