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We were randomly chosen to take part in some covid study by the Office of National Statistics and Oxford University. They come round every month (weekly in the first month), test us and give us a load of vouchers for John Lewis. Anyway, they came over last Monday, tested us and then on Thursday my wife woke up to a text saying she'd tested positive. So she has to self-isolate for 10 days (until Thursday at 14:30) and me and the little one have to wait until next Monday. We can't even go outside and it is fucking horrible. I can't believe how odd it's making me feel. Obviously people have had it much worse, none of us have any symptoms etc but keeping a toddler in doors for 14 days is so fucking difficult, as is us all being in close proximity without any break whatsoever. As I said, we've shown no symptoms but every cough or ache feels so ominous, to the point that I'm starting to think I'm going to start having phantom symptoms.

Would it be terrible to go for a late night walk? It's quite rural where we live and the route I used to take to the pub was so quiet that the only people I ever encountered were the Toad Patrol people and they won't be out now and even if I did someone it's easy to walk on the other side of the lane.  Also, I'm trying to understand how my wife had a positive test but both I and our little boy haven't. Presuming her test is correct, which would mean she's asymptomatic, then we could have caught it, for example, yesterday but we're allowed to go out again next Monday. There are no follow-up tests as we don't have symptoms, it all seems so stupid.


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It's extremely weird that you don't get follow-up tests.  Inexplicable.  I think you know the answer to the one about going out for a late night walk, so I'll just leave that there.  Very sorry to hear you're all tainted.  Really am.  Hope it goes as well as it can.  Or better.

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If you go out for a late night walk, you’ll fall in a hole.


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It's extremely weird that you don't get follow-up tests.  Inexplicable.
I'm not sure that there's a strong belief in tests being very good at telling you when you're no longer contagious.

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But they'd tell us if we had it/ still had it before we go back out to workplaces and nursery.