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Cosmic Carnage mad raffle
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:31:05 PM »
In aid of the Brixton Windmill (everyone’s favourite).  Check out this prize list:

A Kulk Pedal
Crackedankles Bundle (feat. Michael & Evil Blizzard)
HOT FOOLS - Bundle (feat. We Wild Blood etc)
This Is Wreckage - stuff
Surviving Sounds -  stuff
BiT bundle
Heavy Magnetic - bundle
Lovely Wife - bundle
Haq123 - Bundle
Wallowing- Record
Rat Run Records - bundle
Meadows - T shirt
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs- bundle
ṠḶẏ & Ṯḧḕ ḟḀṁḭḶẏ ḊṙṏṆḕ - bundle
Obey Cobra - T Shirt
Slomatics - bundle
Sludgefeast - video game and unreleased song
Human Leather - bundle
Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings - bundle
KLÄMP - record
Kooba Tercu - record
Squalor Fan - bundle
Left Hand Cuts off the Right - tapes
Rocket Recordings - bundle
Hominid Sounds - bundle
Matt Ridout - Bundle (Feat Casual Nun, Mummise Guns & DETHSCALATOR)
JOHN - super rare EP
Hey Colossus - shiny new double record (The Quietus album of the year)
JØTNARR - record & CD
No Spill Blood -  Record
Magic Pockets - record
Remote Viewing - Record/CD
Riot Season Records Bundle
Wild Rocket - Record
Metalogue - USB
Wren - record
Bodies On Everest - bundle
GHOLD - bundle
SHUCK - record
Julia Biro Print of the Windmill from her "Do you remember when we used to go to gigs?" initiative
Cruel Nature Records - bundle
TORPOR - Bundle
Box Records- Bundle
Jose Caamano - Print
Original Flier - Graeme Ross
USA Nails - Record

Imagine winning that bastard lot in time for Christmas; ding dong, postman here. 

Entry details on facebook.