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Steve Brown Bread
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Producer for Wham!, The Cult, Elton John , Freddie Mercury, Manic Street Preachers, The Pogues and others has passed away.

He's the answer to the question 'how did the early Manics create Motorcycle Emptiness?'. Taking what was an indie dirge and building the structure ,setting a new tempo and suggesting it needed a riff. Also responsible apparently for telling The Cult that ,what was, the instrumental middle section of She Sells Sanctuary would work better as an intro.

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The thing that gets me about Motorcycle Emptiness, is that for years everyone thought James Dean Bradfield played that riff on his Les Paul, but he actually used Richey's Tele for it, and it was Steve Brown's idea.

I've heard the two songs that they basically mashed together to make Motorcycle Emptiness, and definitely an improvement over, say "Go Buzz Baby Go"