Ben Garrison “reacts” thread (bring your reading glasses)

Started by Ferris, January 08, 2021, 11:00:05 PM

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Fambo Number Mive

If Ben does think Rumsfeld and Cheney were responsible for September 11th, why isn't he angry with Trump for running as a Republican? Surely he should be as disgusted with the Republican Party as he appears to be with the Democrats?

I like how he calls him "Rummy" because he can't fit his full surname in, meaning that he sounds affectionate towards someone he is accusing of being responsible for September 11th.

Inspector Norse

Quote from: Alberon on September 12, 2021, 08:24:57 PM
So Building 7 was just the size of a large wardrobe?

Yes - the whole thing was staged in a Hollywood studio and the real buildings are still standing


Quote from: idunnosomename on September 13, 2021, 03:14:51 PM

I don't get why he clings to shit like this. 9/11 trutherism isn't really popular anymore (not sure if it really had politically ideology either, except contrarian libertarianism), and while it draws him attention via ridicule, it wont endear Trump supporters to buy merch and all the other money-making schemes he plasters his site with. He clearly doesnt do this as a hobby, it's his livelihood.

The overlap between truthers and QAnon types is pretty significant. You could argue one group laid the foundations for the other, I suppose.


Oh i forgot about qanon and how hard he went into that. Not as big as it used to be but all he has now really



Quote from: Inspector Norse on September 13, 2021, 03:31:52 PM
Yes - the whole thing was staged in a Hollywood studio and the real buildings are still standing

Anyone who's set foot in New York over the last twenty years can vouch for this. What a shame only a handful of people have been in the area since the simulation of the 'attacks'.


So it appears that a top US General, Mark Milley was so worried about Trump's behaviour towards China, that he made some secret calls to his Chinese counterpart to try and calm tensions down. You know, in the hope that things didn't get overheated and lots of people, including Americans, die.

This sacrilege against the muscly blonde one can not go unpunished!!


Communism, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, supporting China...all the things high-ups in the US military believe...



America has its very own traitor. Somebody should write a song about it.


Quote from: MojoJojo on September 16, 2021, 04:56:38 PM
Those flags annoy me.

Understanding the effect of wind on flags is one of the giveaways that someone doesn't believe the moon landings happened.


Quote from: MojoJojo on September 16, 2021, 04:56:38 PM
Those flags annoy me.
chinese flag looks like it's stiff as a board. Perhaps its covered in cum and the wind is blowing left


Fucks sake, and yet still with 'The Arizona Audit'. The concept is noting more than a deeply tragic coping mechanism cottage industry for Trumpers. It's their Robert Mueller.

Fambo Number Mive

Ben has now decided the California recall vote was also rigged. Cartoon showing Republican candidate Larry Elder (with "Elder" on his stomach) shouting "Dump the hairdo" while Gavin Newson (with "Newson" on his shoulder) combs his hair with a comb shaped like California while thinking "I'm so purdy". The side of his hair has "Corruption" on it. The title of the cartoon is "ANOTHER RIGGED ELECTION- WE MUST FIX THE 2020 ELECTION"



This is another typical anti-vaxxer pile of shit.

Thought it was a Tina Toon at first as it's quite poorly drawn for Ben.


Don't see the problem or irony here Ben. This free-thinking Patriot has clearly looked at the facts for himself and decided that despite his understandable natural distrust of the various contingents portrayed in panels 1,2 and  3, taking the vaccine remains his best option in terms of protecting himself and his loved ones from Covid.

Would be interesting to see the Garrison cartoons from the parallel universe where Trump won and Ben's bursting with fulsome, dewey eyed praise for Donnie's Pfizer rollout.


What happens if it is found that the 2020 election was stolen? Do we have a reset like with Pam Ewing's dream? Or what?


Quote from: jobotic on September 18, 2021, 11:22:27 AM
What happens if it is found that the 2020 election was stolen? Do we have a reset like with Pam Ewing's dream? Or what?

If Ben had to draw Trump in the shower he'd wank himself dry.


Odd that one. Usually he mocks libs for taking the vaccine but there he's shaming people with Conservative views for conforming on it.

If Trump came back his government would still give out vaccinations so hes just going to tie himself up in knots over this


The same Trump who took the vaccine. He's just a big heap of cognitive dissonance.


American conservatism is such an alien jumble of paranoia isn't it? In the UK, the establishment are the  conservatives so that anti government thing isn't really a thing but it's rampant over there.

Ant Farm Keyboard

Garrison was an anti-vaxxer long before Covid. Some of his drawings were just reposts of earlier stuff.  If Trump had been re-elected and was in charge of the vaccination campaign, we may have witnessed a ton more cognitive dissonances, but it would have also meant four more years of Trump being in charge.


Forget dog-whistling, this is just whistling.

QuoteStolen Elections have consequences

As the invasion worsens along our southern border, Joe Biden took decisive action. He went back on vacation.

Joe and his Marxist masters are intentionally destroying America in order to build it back better. How do thousands of Haitian poor achieve that? It's unlikely they're doctors, lawyers, or educators. It's more likely they are criminals, gang members, or people here to collect free stuff.

We are supposed to be a country of laws and we lave immigration laws, but Biden and his operatives refuse to enforce the laws of the Constitution. Instead they operate their spin machine and tell us everything in just fine. Biden did that in Afghanistan and now he's doing it here by refusing to allow drone coverage of the invasion.

Where will this invasion head next? Certainly, they won't be camping out on the White House lawn. More likely you'll see them in your neighborhood. Look for crime to skyrocket.

Naked, full-on race hate. It makes Trump's "some, I assume, are good people" look like the height of subtlety. Whether Garrison believes it or not, he knows what he's doing here.

Inspector Norse

Not racist at all, it's a well-known scientific fact that people in the Third World have identically-sized toes placed vertically rather than horizontally at the end of their feet


This is..........something....and also an amazing piece of research showcasing Ben's artistic talent

If you can't figure it out, it's about Australia. Try and guess who the bloke on the right is. Google "victorian premier" and compare. Same goes for the woman, "NSW Premier".

Truely Ban has talent in making his art look like the people they are supposed to be (nevermind our Prime Minister's forehead and hair being copy/pasted from Joe Biden.

An unlabelled young Crocodile Dundee with long hair for some reason is holding up TYRANNY TEETH, even when Australian citizens are already swallowed by a large crocodile.

Nevermind the actual incorrect politics of Gladys wanting Zero Covid and Morrison being upset - when a large group of Women protested about VAW, the Government ignored them and said "well, they're lucky they're in a country where they don't get shot for protesting".
Whereas the current set of protestors have thrown bottles of urine at reporters and assaulted them, attacked drivers in cars and urinated on a war memorial.

QuoteAustralia it's time to fight back

Crocodile Dundee has long been a well-loved figure here in America. He represents freedom and confidence.

Most Americans feel an amity with Australians and it bothers us to see them oppressed by the jaws of tyranny. Covid has been used as an excuse to cancel their freedoms. They no longer have freedom of movement. They are tracked, monitored, controlled, and insulted. Their freedom of speech is squelched. And, of course their firearms were confiscated. Walkabout Creek has been replaced with the Lock 'Em Up Swamp.

The words "New World Order" has already been used by their top politicians, who have sent out uniformed thugs to put down rightful protests. Australians are getting the Great Reset whether they like it or not. Their Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is on the same page as Joe Biden. Dementia Joe called the Australian leader "The fella from down under." Both leaders want to destroy freedom.

The globalist oligarchs want to repeat Australia's fate here in the US. Our freedom of speech is being compromised. All the 'authorities' have to do is label free speech as 'misinformation' and delete our voices. They don't bother to refute solid evidence. Instead they'll merely claim it's misinformation.

Our freedom of movement is under attack. The tyrants won't give up on their vaccine passports. Our most important freedom must not be given up—ever. That's the 2nd Amendment. Australians lack that right and you now see how the tyrants are completely unafraid of their own people.

Our best wishes to the protesters and freedom fighters down under.

— Ben Garrison

They no longer have freedom of movement The majority of states do, and the populous ones that have restrictions, are currently being eased, similar to the UK.
They are tracked, monitored, controlled, and insulted. "Track and Trace" is evil, sure
Their freedom of speech is squelched. Can't take away what you never had! Australia doesn't have anything like that you doofus
And, of course their firearms were confiscated. lol
Walkabout Creek has been replaced with the Lock 'Em Up Swamp. Nope, in face it's open for visitors right now!

"Australia's fate", RIP us


I think he means Anastasia Palaszczuk, the Queensland Premier, hence the "AP", rather than Gladys. What's bizarre though is that Morrison is absolutely not on the same side as the Labor Premiers. What a woeful cartoon