Author Topic: Hospital patients being sent to hotels in order to free up beds for Covid  (Read 292 times)


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I can't see any possible way this could be hazardous.

Under the “home and hotel” plan, patients discharged early into a hotel will receive help from voluntary organisations such as St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross, armed forces medical personnel and any available NHS staff.

The London Hotel Group (LHG), which owns the Best Western chain, has started taking Covid-positive patients from King’s College Hospital in south London and is looking after them in its hotel in nearby Croydon. It is in talks with 20 other NHS trusts and says it could provide 5,000 beds.

Families will be expected to play a key role in monitoring and caring for loved ones who are sent home days or weeks before they would otherwise have left hospital, with support from health professionals where possible.

The plans come amid growing concern that hospitals will soon be overwhelmed and that the crisis may not peak for several weeks. More than 35,000 Covid patients are in UK hospitals, with that number rising by 6,213 in the last week alone.

NHS leaders fears that the new Covid variant, which has fuelled infection rates in London, south-east and east England, leaving many hospitals struggling to cope, will soon do the same in the south-west and north-west.


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Should've setup your field hospitals for step-down care instead of ventilation.