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Mami Yamase - Go! (1988)
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Sorry for continuing the relentless weebery, but just wanted to tip my hat to this video and song.  The video may be the apogee of '80s visual dickery, and the track is Jun Togawa as fuck, but punkier. I believe Yamase was a soft-voiced pop singer who didn't make all that big an impact, so got a heavy metal band on board, added some nerve-rattling synths, and went hog wild for a couple of albums before retiring into cook book writing and advertising bug spray.  She also played the voice of Princess Toadstool in an '80s Mario anime.  Anyway, listen. This is serious fun and in dire need of more attention.

Re: Mami Yamase - Go! (1988)
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Really intense dramatic synth work, I feel exhausted after listening to it. It’s like if Cyndi Lauper mixed with the zany OTT theatrics of Mr. Show and just for good measure here’s a wailing speed metal guitar solo. I can appreciate its existence but I don’t think I ever want to listen to it again!

Re: Mami Yamase - Go! (1988)
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I liked it. Energy out the bunny ears. If I listened to that while I was writing I could probably get my wpm up to a grand. Seems like a precursor to some of the nuttier pop stuff like EeL.*

*Was specifically thinking of this -