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Fuck off, it is the correct forum.

I’m talking about the new film, called Music, which is currently getting absolutely panned. Directed by Sia, who I first heard of a few weeks ago on Louie Theroux’s podcast. She was quite boring, but she intrigues me now that she has embarrassed herself in such a spectacular fashion. Even Kermode who gushes about shit like Yesterday and Greenland hated it.

I don’t really have much else to say, I’ve only just read about this and I’m still riding the high.

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I remember reading an interview with Sia where she claimed Maddie Ziegler didn’t want to do this but Sia basically forced her and promised her she’d protect her from any mean comments online, then when the mean comments starting coming in was basically just like “oh guess i was wrong, oops”.  She presented that story as if she was the victim. She also kept changing her story about whether the original intention was for an actor with Autism to play the lead role, or whether she had written it for Ziegler all along. It’s just such a stupid unforced error.