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Invincible - animated series on Amazon
« on: March 26, 2021, 05:04:45 PM »
The first three episodes are available today. I watched them this morning and enjoyed them. It's tough to make a full judgement because I'm very familiar with the source material, and when that happens you find your self just making comparisons all the time.

It's got one heck of a voice cast.

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I watched the first 3 last night. I have the complete comic collection on my hard drive, and read the first 1 or 2 and then didn't carry on. I think I didnt really give it a chance to be fair, jumping ship before it got a bit deeper in terms of narrative and voice. Seemed a bit bog standard "kids becomes a super hero" fare on the surface level like.
The TV series has shown me that I shouldve pressed on. I think its done superbly and has a sort of 90s King of the Hill vibe to it, as well as being pleasingly reminiscent of Venture Bros (I'm sure many will make a comparison to said siblings). It's great to see an animated series with episodes clocking in at 45 mins instead of 20; I've always wanted that. Despite some really out there action scenes theres something about the whole vibe and world that I find to be incredibly relaxing to get lost in of an evening. Looking forward to the second half of the series, and hope they haven't used up all the comics content in on season (judging by my torrents size I'd imagine that won't be the case)


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Re: Invincible - animated series on Amazon
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Serious tonal whiplash in that first episode; apart from that one guy getting shot in the eye, and the odd mild swear, it was kids cartoon material until the bit at the end. I guess I'll force down one or two more to see if that last fight is hinting at something more distinctive. I don't really trust Kirkman though -- I hate the Walking Dead, comic and TV both, and really don't remember liking the comic of Invincible, although I only read a teensy bit of that, so I try not to hold that against him.