Author Topic: Let's discuss this cover of 'The End' originally performed by The Doors  (Read 464 times)

To again start more threads, The Doors, the song The End, but some time in the early 2000's using Guns N' Roses funding, Buckethead, a drummer and Bill Moseley from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 cover 'The End' originally performed by The Doors, famously used in Apocalypse Now -

I really like this, The End is one of the few Doors songs I can handle, I think this made me enjoy it more

I've always been keen on this utterly desolate version by Nico, especially the way she handles the punchline of the speaking bit.

I like this a lot, never heard it, are there any more horrifying or otherwise goes at this

My favourite "mash up" by the wonderful Vicki Bennett


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Their swansong. Great way to go out.

My favourite "mash up" by the wonderful Vicki Bennett
Thought that was just going to raise a chuckle like most mash-ups do, but got goosebumps at the counterpoint between Julie and the band from 1.35 onwards, the yearning in both vocals being brought out, the way both lyrics are focussed on something awe-inspiring, one in sublime way, one in a terrible way. 

If this comedy version by Nirvana was a photograph, it'd no doubt be captioned "Kurt and Krist in happier times" or something.

I'm quite keen on their other song which approaches comedy, "Gallons of Rubbing Alchohol..." and I wish they'd done a few more goofy things like that.