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Mute to release a series of live Can albums
« on: April 03, 2021, 12:34:30 AM »
Just been reading an interview with novelist Alan Warner and he says

RW: You mentioned that you’ve recently been listening to 120 hours of live music by Can, the great Cologne kosmische group. Why were you listening to all the live Can?

AW: That was work [laughs]. What happened was the Can guys – well Irmin [Schmidt] is the one who’s left, really – Irmin and Mute Records are putting out a beautiful series of Can live albums. Irmin was kind enough to involve me in this and asked me to listen to a lot of live material. Me and and this guy Andy Hall listened to loads of live stuff – Andy is someone who bootlegged loads of Can shows and now he’s kind of poacher turned gamekeeper, working with Can on official releases. Can played on Halloween in 1975 in Stuttgart and that was the one we thought had the best sound. Irmin likes it too and it’s coming out. There will be other live albums. The world can never have enough Can albums!


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Re: Mute to release a series of live Can albums
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Ah, great stuff, I bet they’ll sound good.