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Barrage Fantasia (PC/Switch)
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This is soooo good.

Currently pulled from the switch digital store in europe due to a "ratings issue", but they're working on it.

The game is all about risk/reward.
At the end of each stage you get rewarded for

  • How quickly you beat the stage
  • Lives remaining (these are worth more depending on which "difficulty" you select. For example, for "normal" you get 5 lives and they're worth 1,000 points each at the end of each stage. If you choose "advance" you get three lives and they're worth 5,000 points)
  • Number of items picked up (the hearts that spill out of enemies)
  • All break (the bosses and minibosses you managed to do all the breaks on)

Breaks are like, for example, you know when you shoot an enemies arms off before killing it? That sort of thing.

Here's one, to show.
This crab on the first stage, you have to destroy the gun on it's back first, then you destroy both of his pincers before killing him and you get the bonus.

So you have to figure each of these out for the bosses on each stage and you get lots of points at the end for successfully carrying them out.

So you want to be getting all the breaks on the bosses, point blanking the bigger enemies when they're nearly dead, scooping up as many hearts as you can (not focus firing for a second or so automatically sucks in the hearts), speedkilling enemies so that more spawn for extra score and using your bomb strategically to cancel lots of bullets and turn them into hearts, or using them to speed kill the bosses.

There are a lot of secrets and new loadouts to discover.
For example, if you get all the breaks on the first stage and complete it within a certain time you get to fight these two idiots at the end for extra points!

This is really good fun and a really good in for new players, I think.

I've got some tricks up my sleeve and I think I'm about to absolutely blitz my score soon but here's my highest so far if you want something to aim for :D - 1,987,045

Made by l3l who is a good friend of hey (mecha ritz, dezatopia) who convinced him to release this commercially.

Haven't tried it yet, but here's l3l's earlier doujin game "gekidan machina" for free -

Re: Barrage Fantasia (PC/Switch)
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I just fought one of my favourite bosses from mecha ritz steel rondo!
I was smiling all the way through. It's got all the patterns and everything. Feels really out of place, mainly because the difficulty shoots way up, but it's brilliant! It plays the music and the sound effects and everything. I was proper beaming!
I don't know how the hell I triggered it, is the only problem :D

It's a thing -

This game keeps delivering fun surprises!

These games are nowhere near as hard as they look, by the way, if that's what's putting people off.
The tiny green circle in the middle of the sprite is your hitbox, you've more chance of winning the lottery than flying into a bullet.
It's really fun!

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It looks good fun, hoping for PS release.

Re: Barrage Fantasia (PC/Switch)
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Yaaaay! I thought it was gonna be some stone cold "looks shit" reply, so that was a nice surprise! :D

I'll give the thread a bump if it comes to playstation!

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Woohoo! Broke 2 million today. I've been trying to do that for a while :D

I triggered the mecha ritz boss again, still don't know what I'm doing to make it appear though.

Loads more room for improvement. I think it's time to grow a spine and move over to the "risky" loadout now.
You only get one heart but I think the end of stage bonus is a lot bigger! Bit less fun playing more cautiously but you never know, it might be more exciting too!

Honks, you'll be all over this if your passion for gaming lasts past your monster twatter affair.
I reckon you'll be in love with this one :D

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I made the number go up!
Witness meeee!

Getting a tad obsessed with this, I think.
I tried to play something else the other night and I was humming the music and just had to put it back on :D

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Oh shit!
The powerglove things are the way to go, you can punch bullets into hearts!

Just tried using them for the first time there and beat my score without even playing that well.

Look at this last stage roundup compared to a recent run with the crow.
Even with only getting two breaks, the amount of hearts I collected more than made up for it!

- gloves (135,120)

- crow (106,160)

Holy Moly!
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