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Don Cherry
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There's a really lovely mini-biog in this month's The Wire and it reminded me that I've been meaning to look in to his stuff more. I've only got the album known as Brown Rice and really like that. Also like the little bit I've heard from Organic Music Society (Terry's Tune). What's good?


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"mu" First Part (trumpet/drums duo)

Eternal Rhythm (large ensemble with gamelan influences - includes the mighty Sonny Sharrock on guitar)

Where is Brooklyn? (free jazz quartet, reminiscent of his work with Ornette Coleman)

still my absolute favourite thing of his is a bootleg of a radio broadcast, Live in Cologne, which is a collaboration with Terry Riley.

Better Midlands

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He played on CAB Balearic favourite
Tulio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon


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I have just ordered Liberation Music Orchestra which he plays on, so I'll report back next week when the record arrives.
Cherry played on some great stuff: New York Eye and Ear Control, The Shape of Jazz to Come, Codona, New York Contemporary Five.

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I wish people would choose their thread titles more carefully.
Thought the poor sod had died again for a minute.