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Counterflows at Home
« on: April 05, 2021, 03:45:59 PM »
Counterflows is our local[1] underground music festival. In normal times it is a cultural highlight of my year. To support it in a tiny way during lockdown, I just bought their "zine and tape" bundle.

I'm genuinely excited to receive this as I know I'll enjoy reading the zine and handling the tape for a few minutes having not so much as seen one in years. I have no way of playing it though. Will I get a sense of the music if I unspool and eat it?
 1. locally-based; internationally stocked

I too dig Counterflows

We've probably stroked our chins mere inches from each other, nothing but Russell Haswell between us to prevent intertwinement.

I started a Counterflows-inspired thread elsewhere in Oscillations (,86201.0.html), but it's perhaps trivially about the nature of THE TAPE as media. So let's try a proper thread concerning Counterflows at Home, the pandemic-era streaming version of Glasgow's annual avant-garde music festival.

I am yet to dig deep (but I will - oh, yes) but my first pick of something to share is Music for Counterflows by Helena Celle. I'm bluethoothing it to my stereo system as I type this and it sounds great. An evolving hour of beautiful synth.

Everything I post here (or rather "anything" I post, since I won't carry on if people aren't into it) is free to listen to, obviously.

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Re: Counterflows at Home
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I'm into it, so please carry on.

Re: Counterflows at Home
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This video commission is fun. Artist called Mazen Kerbaj.

If the silly stuff at the beginning gets you down, jump to the 5-minute point for some more aggressive, scrambly, fuzzy synth work.

To be honest, everything else I'm looking at here is either unsatisfyingly short (1-minute pieces, etc) or interviews. Not sure there's much else to get the teeth into. Maybe they will drop more works as the month progresses. I will post anything new and interesting here.