Author Topic: Album Art Done By A Musician, But Not Necessarily The Musician On The Album  (Read 574 times)

Just a bit of fun. Here's the cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young compilation "So Far".

The fun bit is that it was drawn by Joni Mitchell!

Any other fun bits of album art done by a different, known musician? Or if there aren't any, you can just post that Bob Dylan album cover.


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Paul McCartney contributes a bloodstained driving glove to the Sgt. Pepper's cover.

Bob Dylan painted the cover of "Music From Big Pink" by The Band

I love Space, but Tommy Scott should never, ever be allowed to design the cover art. Case in point.


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As drawn by Graham Coxon.

Steven Stapleton - as Babs Santini - has done a lot of album art, lots of releases on his own United Dairies label plus related artists and friends like Coil, Current 93, Edward Ka-Spel, The Legendary Pink Dots and so on. He's done more album art than music, I think.


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The cover art to Split Enz's 8th LP was painted by long-departed band founder Phil Judd -

Not quite as striking as his work for their 1975 debut...

...which he later re-touched for the worldwide release in a CaB-friendly "Bald Revisionist" style -


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XTC's Andy Partridge came up with this old-time fun fair concept for Pugwash and drew up some rough sketches for artist, Andrew Swainson to create the final result. It's a very nifty 3D sleeve with Mad comic fold-in qualities.

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Not albums, but Martha Ladly (the keyboard player of Martha & The Muffins and later The Associates) produced a couple of paintings for early New Order releases (she was in a relationship with Peter Saville at the time):
The '1981-82 EP' collection of their early singles for the US market (otherwise known as the FACTUS 8 EP):

The Factory Benelux FBN8 Everything's Gone Green 12" single (which was responsible for mixing up the names of Mesh & Cries And Whispers for the next 20 years):

During the time she was with Saville she also suggested titles to one of his other clients, OMD. Architecture & Morality was one of hers, as she was reading David Watkin’s book “Morality + Architecture" at the time. In the mid-90s she joined Peter Gabriel's Real World Design and as well as working on his Xplora 1 multimedia project, sne also contributed sleeve designs for his Real World label over the follwoing 10 years.


Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails/Guns n' Roses did some pen and ink art which Oceansize used on their third album


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Fairly obvious one