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Dispatches From Elsewhere
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This is a series starring and created by Jason Segal (but don't let that put you off) and was on Sky Atlantic (I think) and now on Amazon Prime

It reminds me of season 1 of Legion; playful, confusing, oblique, emotional. I am up to episode 5 and loving it. It is based on the documentary The Institute about some sort of immersive reality game that happened in LA in the early 2000s. There are some great performances from Segal, Sally Field, Andre Benjamin and particularly Richard E Grant.

It is the sort of series that might struggle to stick the landing (see Legion) but I have hopes that it seems to know what it is doing and where it is going as it is a limited series rather than an ongoing thing

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It is the sort of series that might struggle to stick the landing

Spoiler: it goes a bit skew-whiff at the end, and not in a good way. You will probably cringe.

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Yeah I did cringe a bit but in the end I thought that something so self-indulgent was actually pretty brave and very in keeping with the themes of the show.

One thing that I loved about the show, among many, is the depiction of Simone. I think it is the closest you will get in the current world we live in to having a trans character where their identity is not the whole reason for her existence in the show. For the first half of the the season she just is, existing as a fully rounded character the same as all the others. It does then delve into the challenges she faces but in a completely organic way, and completely realistic and sympathetic, to this SWM eyes at least. And then on top of that it has a relationship between a cis man and a trans woman that is not sensationalist or mined for drama, other than what evolved naturally from the characters of the people involved.

Overall I loved the show and the characters. I have a soft spot for that sort of magical realism and characters battling their worries and fears about their life and personality but it also looks fantastic and has some great acting.