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Fantastic , thanks for all the recommendations. I'll check them all out and get a couple next payday.

Nice one, Denzil!

Both are limited physical releases, been waiting for my copy of Cotton for four months.

Bazooka, I'm forever hearing the wailing and gnashing of teeth of people who have given strictly limited their money.
Hopefully you'll get them soon!

Been playing this tonight.

东方栖霞园 ~ Blue devil in the Belvedere -

Got the 1cc in normal mode.

A guy commented on one of my videos and I sniffed around his channel and saw he was playing this and it looked more fun than the official games so I gave it a shot.
They've done another game that I might get after this one -

I'm wondering if Sakuya is a noob character.
I went with the red lass first and it was very nearly a blind clear until the last boss sent me packing.

Sakuya's focus shot is homing and it just felt like I had to worry way less about hitting stuff and just dodging instead. Felt easier, though I don't know if that's because I had already played it through and had a good idea of what was coming.

It's canny good. I like it! The official touhou games I've played have always left me cold, but I do tend to like some of the touhou-likes.
Exceed 3rd is one of my favourites, and cosmodreamer, that sort of thing.

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Shmup Junkie has done a nice video in celebration of free doujin games, spurred on by Hauser's efforts to curate a list on the shmups wiki -

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Got a 1cc in gun-nac tonight. A compile game on the nes. Lad on another forum was playing it and it looked fun.
It's a bit bloody long! Almost 50 minutes it took.
Nice relaxing change of pace for a quiet bank holiday monday night though.

I think I might have been playing a bit too cautiously, bombing a lot. I just assumed since it was giving me so many that I should be using them.
Don't know if it's a decent score or not, but it was fun.

I think I've got the hang of the scoring in that blue devil game now, there's a mini manual thing in the game where it gives you the gist in quick bullet points which is nice.
Might try "hard" mode next time because my last two scores were so similar, I might have hit my ceiling there.
It's so fun though since it's less stressful. I might have one more shot and see if I push it a bit further.

The STG weekly on Natsuki is up.
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Wow! Bike Banditz is as good as everyone says it is!
Been playing that tonight.
Having trouble with the last boss though.
I'm dying at almost the exact same place!
Soooo close. Gonna have her tomorrow, hopefully!

Lad on discord posted some helpful translations of the menus.

You're darn tootin!

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Didn't get a chance to play yesterday, but I got my 1cc in Bike Banditz today.

Love it! Best game I've played this year so far.

I think you'll dig this one, madhair!

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Bought Graceful Explosion Machine last night.

It had better not get boring.

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Of all the amazing shmups on the Switch, you get the launch title.

Not a bad game at all but you have many many better options.

I don't mean to be rude but it's hard to say it without being rude.

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I don't even know what a launch title is.

It's my son's Switch.

Name one better shmup I could have got. Just one though, it's confusing.

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For games on the switch, Neko Navy is a good in, Barrage Fantasia came out recently. That's nice and chill.
Black Bird, Cotton Reboot, the Aleste collection.
Ghost Blade HD is nice and gentle.
Rolling Gunner has an easy mode.

Just one? Neko Navy, I reckon. It's fantastic. There's an easy mode, it'll cheer you up -

edit: Ghost Blade is on sale, throw that in your basket an' all. -

I think ghost blade proves that a half decent scoring mechanic can save an otherwise also-ran in the genre.
It's very "that'll do" with enemies sometimes just raining from the sky and most of the bosses having all of like two uninteresting patterns.
It's very bargain bin, but it's very laid back, quite a relaxing game and a great in for bullet hell newbies, I think.

You fly around the screen clearing out all the popcorn enemies so that you can fly in nice and close (but not too close mind, or it won't trigger!) to the bigger enemies so you can kill them at point blank and scoop up all the lovely stars they drop. Rinse and repeat.
So it's all about clearing the way so you can get up close to the bigger enemies, don't die and don't bomb.

Worth the price of admission for the caravan stage alone, I think.
It's fun and relaxing to play and that makes up for any of it's failings, I reckon.

Wait to see what Honks says.

Play Neko Navy as the fat miserable cat. Shoot things, point blank if you're feeling brave. Pick up the blue cats until you fill the dotted line around your cat, wait until there's lots of bullets and enemies and bomb! It turns everything into yellow gems that you can scoop up, rinse and repeat.
The harder difficulties give you loads more opportunities to bomb and score, you're just constantly clearing the screen and flying around to catch the blue cats and gems. Brilliant fun!

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Cheers, will do.

After I've enjoyed my new game, of course.

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It's a good game, defo. Sorry for being unhelpful, I should have not replied til I had some decent suggestions to make.

I'd agree that Neko Navy is a lot of fun and easy to get into. There are quite a lot so if you hanker for more but different after GEM, give us a shout.

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Magical Blasters looks like it'll be canny. Lo-fi. Pointy witch hat. Sold.

Got a 1cc of Redneg 3stars normal tonight -
Fun free doujin game from the Cosmodreamer lads "outside". They have more free games here -

It's good, I really like their style. Nice and cheery. Bullet patterns are always inventive and fun.
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Gah, playing Winged Gear today.

Final boss, he's flashing, just about to die.
Made the stupidest mistake ever.

It's a sickener.

Well, hopefully I'll get a better score when I play again.

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Yes, got the 1cc tonight.

Your bullets and enemy bullets do more damage up close so there's a nice risk reward of really going for it to clear the rooms quick and get a bigger time bonus.

Looks like you get more points for picking up the yellow things as quick as you can. I'll try to do that more if I play again. Default difficulty is 4, but it goes all the way to 7 so I'd like to see how that changes things.
Nice little old school, one stick arena shooter.

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Got a 1cc of Redneg Allstars tonight -

It's a boss rush game with some bosses from the previous Redneg games.

It's fun. I was playing a bit too cautiously, I think. It does reward you for having lives left at the end so it's best not to get hit, but I was being a bit too trigger happy with my bomb finger.

Will have to play again tomorrow and see if I can do better. It's pretty short, which is a good thing! Been playing plenty of games that have felt a bit too long lately.

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That's a bit better!

Tried the endless mode, and it's a bit annoying since it starts at a really low difficulty, it's dead slow and there's like 3 bullets on the screen and it takes aaaages to get going so I just sacked it off.

You press F4 to go fullscreen, by the way, if you're gonna check it out.

This looks shit. I'm gonna buy it -

Hard mode 1cc get. Normal wasn't touching the sides.
Aye, it's a bit shit. Not awful, just pretty uneventful and drab.
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Decided to have another game of XCUTE(me) tonight and did loads better! -

I've realised what I was doing wrong.
The trick I was missing is that if you use the focused (blue) shot on bosses and larger enemies, it builds up your hyper gauge really quickly.

The thing that threw me is that you can focus while also holding rapid shot but your shot remains red, you have to let go of rapid like you would to match the coloured enemies.

Very nearly got the 2-all, got to the TLB and made second on the leaderboard.
This has become way more fun now that I've actually learned how to play properly!
The second loop is cool, you get more bullets but there's more slowdown so it sort of balances out.

If I get a chance to play tomorrow, she's going down.
Literally chucked a load of bullets straight into my stupid face!

(NSFW!) Might not be safe for work, square boobies -

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Yes! Finally get to try this soon!


Really nice lad from the caneandrinse team is involved in this. Look really promising!

Schildmaid MX -

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I 1cc'ed Satazius the other day, madhair!
Your nintendolife review and someone on another forum bigging it up felt like the stars were aligning and I had to give it another try.

Really good fun. I wasn't feeling all the gotcha death traps at first, but once you know what's coming, it feels great to finally get through it in one piece!

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Star hunter dx demo is go! -

Black Academy has a demo too, may as well try that -

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Got Raiden 4: Overkill on sale on Steam for £1.64

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Raiden 4 is hard! Unfairly so, I'd say. Not a huge fan, but I'll have to fire up and give it another shot at some point.

Run of Star Hunter DX. Feels sooooo good! I can't wait. Coming to PC, ps4, switch and xbone soon.

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Not played a great deal of them but honestly none of the latter day polygon Raidens I'v played/seen captured the feel of the originals for me, mixing that early style based more on avoiding shots aimed directly at you or being in certain positions to avoid patterns and bullet hell isnt easy to make work.

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Great emoji

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Really loving this at the minute. Techbeat Heart -

Less than 2 quid. Really tight single screen, single stick, roguelite score chasing arena shooter thingy.
It's a hell of a lot of fun. Nice and intense short burst gaming.

It's almost free and it's loads of fun. No reason not to jump on this one. Doesn't have that problem void gore had where runs can last forever once you get on a roll.
Under 7 minutes my best run lasted where I got my high score, that's about what you'd expect.

I kind of wish the game rewarded you more for the weapon pickups because my best strategy at the minute is to just grab the flamethrower and stick with that mostly until the boss when you need something a bit more long range like the laser or the v shot.

Got second on the leaderboard today! Beaming!

The top score though, wow, it's over double what I got! It's that Japanese "MQ7145" guy. I beat him in a ten minute long Rival Megagun match once, so I think we've already decided who is the better player :D
I think he might have been toying with me though, he had this special for ages and just wouldn't fire it off, I like to think he was being cocky and spat his dummy when I got him though :D

edit: Demo for Like Dreamer is out! -

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Top of the leaderboard, baby!
Aw man, I got unlucky with the boss and dived left when I should have dived right.
The bonus I would have got for cashing in that multiplier! Wowzers!

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Us dorks get to play the crappy doj as well :D I'm coming for your score honky boy!

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Was it a bit of a one and done novelty, or did you end up coming back to it and playing for score?
I'm not expecting too much from it, but I really wanna try it :D

Witness me! -

Mushi arrange. Did the final boss on a bomb, so proud of myself, start doing my victory dance and then the fucking true last boss turns up.

I always forget about those pricks!

I was thinking "Oh, I haven't got a 1cc of arrange, I'll have to fix that ... Ah, yeah, now I remember why." :D

I'm gonna try and get a 1cc of maniac, I think. No TLB in that!

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Woohoo, finally! Demo out now, coming in december.

Looking forward to trying the new arrange modes :D