Author Topic: The Stand Up Show comedian identification: 'but what can you do?' guy  (Read 574 times)

He would go: '[description of annoying thing]... but what can you do? [contemplative pause] What you can do... is [funny response to the situation]'. He repeated 'but what can you do? What you can do' every time he came up with these scenarios.

It was around the period when Andy Parsons was doing his "A. Squirrel" routine.

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I can't remember the name, but that routine was on one of the free tapes given away by the short lived Comedy Review magazine (one of the situations was it taking ages to get served at the bar, right?) which I think were on the first two issues in March and April 1996 so that narrows down the timescale a bit more.

I've got the voice in my head, and the nearest to identification I can get is Nick Revell, but I don't think it was him.

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Oh yes! I used to have that tape and vaguely remember the routine. I think all the clips on the tape were pub/drinking related. It also had Larry Miller's "5 levels of drinking" routine on it.

[Edit]: Just looked it up here and "What You Can Do" is credited to Matt Welcome. Not a name that rings any bells.

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Ha, I just found that page too but got beaten to the punch.

He seems to still be going - here's a set on youtube.

Thanks, tony and Gurke and Hare! The recent set is making it all so real.

(I couldn't remember the situations but being served at the bar sounds about right.)

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Blimey, I had no idea he was still going, I saw him in the mid-nineties and thought he was okay but I was a young and innocent back then and had barely seen any stand up.


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There's the routine from the Comedy Showcase tape should anyone want it.

Thanks, BeardFaceMan.

He's also written a book:, and a website containing much the same content as the book: It's not what you'd expect. I've not read it in detail, but I did see his show/lecture based on the same ideas; it was a long time, so I don't remember a lot about it, but essentially his thesis is that time doesn't exist. This was a serious lecture, btw, not a comedy show. There appear to be videos of it on YouTube: