Author Topic: Wimblewrong 2021 Round 1 - Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse vs TheGingerAlien  (Read 3131 times)


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Ginger for me


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Ginge for the Chrome tabs

Wonderful Butternut

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mental note: Pay more attention to Wimblerong.

Poirot because Ron Gets Furry is my favourite bit in the match.

Johnny Yesno

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Ginge for Loads of little details in there. Been searching for 'arty nudes', eh? Disgrace.


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I'm going Ginge.

The amount of detail in the last shot tipped the balance.


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dearly loved all of these, but Ginge just about does it for me


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Poirot for the serve.

Spoon of Ploff

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this match turned out to be a case of loving the alien.

voters have given it Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse 7 vs TheGingerAlien 19

Congratulations TGA you've made it to round two. Commiserations PBGC, thanks for playing.

Shit the bed!!! Thanks everyone. Wasn’t expecting that. Big up Poirot for those excellent shots -  and for giving me a prime opportunity to channel my virtual glinsanity.