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Wimblewrong 2021 Round 1: idunnosomename v touchingcloth

Started by idunnosomename, June 05, 2021, 11:05:53 PM

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Wonderful Butternut

4 shots of CaB bingo later, I'm going to go for the idunnosomename for the Asterix 'shop.

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

SO hard to choose between all these collages of forum memes but idunnosomename to be contrary


It is really close, but a faltering finger has to strain to touch the cloth.

Johnny Yesno


Spoon of Ploff

touchingcloth touched most of our hearts this time with 16 votes to 4. bad luck  idunnosomename, you may now sit back and plot your revenge.



Good game, idunno, thanks! I loved CALVVS INSANVS PHIMOSIS, but who was the guy wanking through the fence? I suspect it was key to the shot, but I didn't recognise him so skilfully and subtly avoided using him in the reply.


oh yeah, Al was right, it's Reece Shearsmith from Inside No 9 for the "I bet you're loving this on the cookdandbombd forum" line.

Good game good game