Wimblewrong 2021 Round 1: Dr Trouser v Lordofthefiles (nSfW)

Started by Dr Trouser, June 06, 2021, 04:21:01 PM

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Small Man Big Horse

A great match but Dr Trouser's second wins it for me, well, that and the 75p bribe.


Would love to see more of Pijlstaart's stuff, but Trouser, MD takes it for me Clive.

Wonderful Butternut

I like how this match developed from just pure shock body horror.

Hard to call, but I have to go with Dr Trouser. The 'shopping work on the third shot keeping the style of the poster does it for me. (inb4 someone tells me that's a single mouseclick).



Great return from Piljstaart, but Dr Trouser overall.

Fambo Number Mive

Dr Trouser but as usual with Wimblewrong matches, very close

Johnny Yesno

rue the polywhirl

Dr Trouser. Love the colour scheme going on with the movie poster. Very peaceful.


Greg Torso

Pijlstaart - Trouser's got the technical skillz, but I love that little ecclesiastical chinchilla


Spoon of Ploff

what's it got in it's pocketses? round one victory is what

congratulations to Dr Trouser who scored 18 votes to Pijlstaart's 5.

kudos to Pijlstaart for stepping in at the last minute to make this game happen.

Dr Trouser

Thanks to Pijlstaart for stepping in when Files had real life intervene in wimblewrong.
2 great mental shots, and like Torso I also enjoyed the rodent cleric, as well as the terrifying/alluring meat caterpillar