Author Topic: She Drew The Gun (I thought this was a cover of QOTSA's "go with the flow")  (Read 347 times)

I heard this on BBC6 radio and I actually thought it was a female fronted cover of Go With the Flow. But hearing it now it sound different, I can hear the synths on youtube which didn't really come through on the radio. I dunno if I want to get into this group. On one hand, I like it, but it does sound very QOTSA. And it feels weird to me that QOTSA are old enough to be "quoted" by new bands. It feels like yesterday to me when they were a hip new band defined by their influences.

I got into these a couple of years ago, they did an album called Resister, I think? They’re from Liverpool.

I was in high school when Rated R came out. I’m OLD. No One Knows always reminds me of Jilly’s Rockworld.