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Is anyone else here looking forward to this new US show on wednesday? I've read a couple of articles about it and it sounds really good, it's been huge in America apparently. Is there any US whores here who have seen it already, is it worth watching?


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I have a brother who's D/L'd and seen them all already and he says it's the finest thing he's seen since 24. I'll be there with bells on.

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It is the only show from the US I have ever woken up at 5am to download.   It's that good.  And, despite having seen every episode, I've ordered the Season 1 DVD, and will almost certainly watch it weekly on C4.

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Hiya...there's a thread already started on it, I'm afraid, although admittedly it hasn't been contributed to in a week or so.


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Coincidently I'm having a Sunday “Lost” session. I only ended to watch an episode and a couple of hours later I'm on my sixth :) good stuff.

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I liked Lost despite it's soapy niceness & despite feeling after the last 2 episodes I could have safely ignored the preceding 22 without missing anything. It might have been better if something other than the plane crash had actually happened.

Evangelline Lilly is surprisingly gorgeous, even if her stock empathy expression becomes slightly repetitive.

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Oh fuck, sorry everyone, I should have done a search. Ignore.