Author Topic: Did I dream this? 5 years ago or so I'd heard of upcoming CM show onRadio...  (Read 836 times)

The details are fuzzy but i am 90 per cent sure I saw it schduled/due for release and was exctited and expecting it and then just heard NOTHING. It was between 4 Lions and Day Shall Come so poss he dropped it for the film but I am really nearly sure the impression givn was it was completed and scheduled. Does this ring any bells for ANYONE or was it just a dream!

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Yeah, you are surely thinking of the thing with Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade.

Main thread here:

Update thread here may have a little bit more info:,28549.0.html

Is this the same Morris thing that, at one point a bit more recently, Mary-Anne Hobbs was going to play out on her morning 6 Music show, which then suddenly got pulled fairly close to the planned transmission date?

If I recall, they didn't specify exactly what it was going to be, only that it was a new Morris "thing".