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Indian style Carrot and Spinach Soup (with big croutons)

Very simple; 2-3 Carrots (or whatever could use butternut squash or pumpkin; carrots cheap and good though) and 1 onion; fried for few minutes; add a fresh chilli (however hot you want it) and thumbs worth of chopped ginger, fry for bit; red lentils about a cup, garam masala and tumeric (good teaspoon each), fry for a another minute; 1.2 litres veg stock; boil like you would a soup (20 mins); cut up some bread (ciabatta is good) toss in some oil put it in the oven bake to make croutons (about 10 mins), when soup is done salt and pepper to taste blitz (leaving some chunky bits if you like); add spinach (a bag) and coriander (a big handful chopped) and some dried coconut (those blocks are good and last for ages) cook for few minutes more minutes until spinach wilted. 

bowl it up and put in croutons, a dollop of yoghurt, and then sprinkle nigella seeds and a bit of coriander to garnish.  If you've got things like the nigella seeds (not essential) and coconut then this pretty cheap and great I reckon you could get about 10 portions for ¬£2.50ish

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Re: Soup
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CBA mincing up ginger, few spoons of jar ginger from Lidl