Author Topic: Morecambe & Wise on Python. University comedy Vs Comedy derived from music hall?  (Read 4291 times)


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Jokolgists have located that as early as Hancock's half Hour.

Many of their gags have been traced back to the cretaceous period.

It’s amazing how modern Hancock still sounds today. Compared to war time stuff like ITMA and the like which honestly sounds like it’s in a foreign language to me.


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I do love the fact Eric was into Zappa.


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Is the two minute version available?

Apologies for the delayed reply to this, but yes - here you go:

Apologies for the delayed reply to this, but yes - here you go:

Thank you!

I was wondering if Morecambe was strictly talking about Monty Python from the beginning (since Wise seems to stress Monty Python when he comes in as though there could have been a wider discussion of new comedy to begin with) but the clip doesn't go that far back so I'll stop fretting about that now.

In the new bit I enjoyed seeing the pleasure they took in admitting the influences from Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy: 'Of course! Enormously. We copied them actually.' That attitude towards originality might show up another difference between the 'music hall' and 'university' comedy. The gestural demonstrations of Laurel and Hardy living on in their tie twiddles reminds me of a thing I mentioned earlier - Daniel Kitson acknowledging Morecambe after he made the joke about having something in his eye - oh it's his finger (although I've never seen Morecambe do that).