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Code 404 Series 2
« on: September 03, 2021, 08:42:56 PM »
Series 1 Thread:,79842.0.html

I quite liked the first series bar the finale which was far too plot heavy and fairly predictable, but due to that I didn't have high expectations for this, but am surprised by how much I liked the first new episode. Right from the start there seemed to be a fair amount of course correction with Oberman's character being arrested, they subverted the long running gag about Major always calling a woman Judy even though that's not her name, and had fun with Major being pissed off with Carver for sleeping with his wife, yet wrapped that up by the end too. It's not a show I'm going to binge in a couple of days (as all episodes are available online) but I'd be very surprised if I didn't stick with it through to the end.

Re: Code 404 Series 2
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2021, 03:09:09 PM »
Kind of felt this did all the things it had to do while not really doing anything to especially distinguish itself. Wasn't bad, wasn't brilliant.

Would be nice if someone made a film or TV series set in future London in which The Westway and the Blackwall Tunnel are not the only roads.