Author Topic: bloke whos character trait is he crashes head first through his mates house wall  (Read 186 times)

nice man but problem is soon as I got to know him smash through the fuckin kitchen wall while we were having tea, fuckin smash, right through the wall like no clothes on at all, covered in sand, all burnt and hot, sunglasses, askin what the fucks happenin im sayin john fuck us ive got the family over for a nice meal

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  • Rubbing linseed oil into the school cormorant.
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  • Gargoyles have milk bags.
“Fresh from another barbecue, Leaf?”

(his name is either Leaf or John)

Leaf is all “erruughgghh,” clattering around the place smacking over all the furniture.  He is as a caveman with blistering coals on him.

Dex Sawash

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  • You must have realism, Spike.