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Re: Janey Godley, Scottish Neoliberal Party jester!
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Absolutely. I'm neither, but the notion that Celtic are the poor, downtrodden underdogs with the good music while Rangers are violent racist lunatics is absurd. Celtic Football Club are one of the wealthiest clubs in the world and their fans have no problem singing songs that celebrate a terrorist organisation that kills civilian men, women and children.

Well, I do. I used to join in with the 'Ooh ah, up the RA' one when I was younger and didn't know what it meant. But that's it. I don't even know the words to any of the others. I'm a fan of the football team first and foremost and although I haven't been for a few seasons (just too difficult nowadays) I stand by my view that all religions are bollocks and although my reading of Irish history is that Sinn Fein/the IRA were originally set up in self-defence there were still some really nasty people involved. Although no nastier than some of those on the other side. I stay out of that sort of stuff. I just want us to beat Rangers at football.

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